HC IBC 9394 SingleFiber Cleaner

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US Conec's IBC brand 9394, one-click cleaner, for hardened connectors is specifically designed to clean OptiTap compatable optical-fiber ferrule systems. Uses dry cloth technology to remove oil, dust and a variety of contaminants from single fiber connections residing in an adapter, faceplate or bulkhead. Extension feature increases the cleaner's depth to 208 mm for hard to reach connectors.Each unit provides over 500 cleanings.



    • Simple pushing motion to engage tool

    • Audible CLICK to alert the operator when tools is fully engaged

    • Over 525+ engagements per unit

    • Dry cleaning strand eliminates the need for solvents to be effective

    • Crush resistant to over 250N

    • Impact resistant to survive drops over 1.5M


Designed for Opti-Tap compatible connection systems. The IBC™ Brand Cleaners are mechanical cleaning tools designed to clean connectors residing in an adapter or faceplate and unmated connectors. The IBC™ Brand Cleaning tools use a novel dry cleaning strand to gently sweep and lift away dust and residues from the connector end face.