Collection: Fusion Splicers Canada

INNO designs and builds the most innovative and dependable fusion splicers in the market. From the View 1, View3, View 5, View 7 , View 8+ and View 12R, the entire lineup of INNO splicers is set to deliver improved speeds for your fiber installations. Designed for low splice loss connectivity and providing an efficient working environment, ask us which INNO splicer is right for you. INNO Instrument has built a lineup of industry-leading fiber optic splicers. Why continue to pay labor costs for something that you can do yourself? With INNO’s fusion splicers, we can put you in control, with INNO’s user-friendly state of the art cable splicers. Have a question about INNO fusion splicers? With a variety of features, the team at Toronics will take the time to understand your needs and recommend the right INNO fusion splicer solution for you.