100023061 MFP8-4x90 T568A Cat.6A, AWG24/1-22/1, AWG27/7-22/7 - old item J00026A4000

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Mechanical attributes

Durability (Matings) ≥ 750
Reusable contacts ≤10 cycles
Cu-Conductor diameter: solid 0.51 - 0.64 mm (AWG24/1-22/1)
Cu-Conductor diameter: stranded 0.46 - 0.76 mm (AWG27/7-22/7)
Core Diameter 1,0 - 1,6 mm
Material: contact finish Ni1,2Au0,8
Material: connector housing PC UL94 V0
Material: PCB FR4 UL 94 V0
Material: shield contact brass, nickel-plated
Material: wire pair presorting PC UL94 V0 white
Material: shielding housing zinc diecast, nickel-plated
Material: cable clamp PBT UL94 V0
Material: protection cap PBT UL94 V0
Insertion force ≤ 30 N
Mating Requirements Cu-Conductor diameter: stranded 0.61 - 0.78 mm (AWG24-22/19)
Material: contacts phosphor bronze tinned
Material: piercing contacts phosphor bronze tinned
Material: uplock hook PBT UL94 V0

Thermal and climatic attributes

Temperature range [°C] -40/ 85
UL E244889

Transmission properties

10 Gigabit Ethernet acc. to IEEE 802.3an Adequate for 10 Gigabit Ethernet


Connectors IEC 60603-7-51