Hexatronic Raptor Nano Cable - High Performance Nano Cable 2-12 fibers G657A1 TIA598 - No Ripcord

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Nano Cables are slim cables that can be installed in all types of microducts with an inner diameter of 3.5 up to 12 mm. Nano Cables are frequently used for drop connections in Fiber To The Home installations as well as other fiber applications.

  • Quick and easy sheath removal and fiber separation
  • Slim design for installation into microducts down to 3.5mm inner diameter
  • Installation by blowing or pushing
  • Extra strong and durable, with integrated strength member
  • Smooth, low-friction sheath
  • Extra wide operational temperature range, -45 to +70°C
  • Excellent installation performance
  • Halogen-free


The Hexatronic Raptor is a high performance Air Blown Nano Cable that will minimize initial investment and at the same time provide a future proof network that is easy to expand, upgrade and maintain. The main application areas are for fiber access networks such as Fiber To The Home (FTTH) and Fiber To The Antenna (FTTA). The cable is intended for installation in microducts with an inner diameter from 3.5mm up to 12mm.


The Hexatronic Air Blown Nano Cable has a unique design that offers a combination of properties previously not available on the market. A sturdy fiber unit with state of the art fiber blowing performance increases the installation success rate and provides quick and problem free installation.

With the integrated strength member, the cable is ideal for both blowing and pushing. The strength member also adds increased stability and robustness to the cable.

The cable is available with single mode bend resistant G657A1 fibers.

This new MKII version of the Hexatronic Raptor Nano Cable series has several improvements that saves time and costs during installation. Sheath removal and fiber separation is highly enhanced without the need for a ripcord.

Product Information

  1. Primary coated fiber: Silica, acrylate
  2. Buffer: UV-cured polymer layer.
  3. Strength member: Coated glass fiber reinforced plastic
  4. Low friction thermoplastic

Technical Information

Product Color Black Sheath
Color Code TIA598
Temperature, Operation [°C] -45 to +70
Temperature, Storage [°C] -45 to +70
Temperature, Installation [°C] -15 to +60
Fiber Type G657A1
Attenuation @Wavelength [nm] 1310/1383/1550
Average Attenuation [dB/km] 0.31/0.31/0.20
Maximum Attenuation [dB/km] 0.38/0.38/0.25
Marking Example of sheath marking, 1 time/meter:
“HEXATRONIC A35 yymmddhh TOL4019080/8AH GAHL-K-DHR 8/A8 G657A1 S12"
where yymmddhh = year, month, day and hour of manufacture, xxxxx=running meter marking.
Installation Notes The cable is intended for installation in microducts with an inner diameter from 3.5mm up to 12mm.
The cable should be installed at a temperature between -15 to +40°C. The cable shall not be stored in direct sunlight. The sun may heat up the cable over the permitted temperature limit.
Ordering Information Supplied lengths: 1, 2, 4 km