Indoor Microduct Assembly 5/3.5 mm – OFNR FRD 5/3.5 mm 1-24 -way HG OFNR

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FRD 5/3.5 mm 1-24 -way HG OFNR

  • For indoor installation
  • 5/3.5 mm microducts
  • Halogen-free, flame-retardant, high grade
  • 1, 4, 7, 12, 19 or 24 over-sheathed ducts
  • Low friction inner surface for maximum installation lengths


        The indoor tight protected duct assemblies consist of a number of microducts with an inner low friction surface that enables installation of air-blown fibers. These microducts are highly flame retardant and therefore suitable for indoor use.


        The duct assemblies are available in several versions from 1 to 24 microducts . Each microduct has an outer/inner diameter of 5/3.5 mm. The microducts and duct assemblies including the outer sheath are made of halogen-free, flame-retardant polymer.

        The flame retardant properties are verified according to UL1666 OFNR Riser, as well as all relevant IEC standards.

        Product Information

        Microducts and sheath: Halogen-free, flame-retardant polyolefin

        Technical Information

        Temperature, Operation [°C] -20 to +60
        Temperature, Storage [°C] -20 to +60
        Temperature, Installation [°C] -20 to +50
        Reaction to Fire IEC60332-3-24, IEC60332-1, UL 1666 Riser OFNR

        Abrasion: IEC 60794-1-2-E2B(1)
        Kink: IEC 60794-1-2-E10, 20 x outer diameter
        Impact: IEC 60794-1-2-E4
        Crush: IEC 60794-1-2-E3
        Tensile: IEC 60794-1-2-E
        Bend: IEC 60794-1-2-E11A
        Torsion: IEC 60794-1-2-E
        Flexibility: IEC 60794-1-2-E8
        Inner Clearance: IEC 60794-5-20, IEC 60794-5-10, Ann. D
        Flammability: IEC60332-3-24, IEC60332-1
        Smoke density: .IEC61034-2
        Smoke volume: ASTM E662
        Halogen Content: IEC 60754-1, 0%
        Acidity/Halogen contents: IEC60754-1/-2
        Toxicity index: DEFSTAN 02-713
        Flame Test: UL 1666 Riser, OFNR

        Marking Duct assemblies have markings showing the tube length. The individual microducts are numbered.
        Installation Notes Flammability according to IEC60332-3-24 and UL 1666 Riser refers to sheathed empty ducts and sheathed ducts installed with Hexatronic blown fiber units.