Indoor Microduct Assembly 10/8 mm FRD 10/8 mm 1-7 -way

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FRD 10/8 mm 1-7 -way

  • For indoor installation
  • 10/8 mm microducts
  • Halogen-free, flame-retardant
  • 1, 4 or 7 mm over-sheathed ducts
  • Low friction inner surface for maximum installation lengths


            The design makes the ducts suitable for all types of indoor installations with micro cables. A typical application is an Hexatronic micro cable system where cables are entering or passing trough buildings. The duct is designed to reduce flame and smoke propagation of both outdoor and indoor rated micro cables. The need for costly cable splicing between indoor and outdoor rated cable sections is then eliminated.


            The duct assemblies are available in several versions from 1 to 7 microducts . Each microduct has an outer/inner diameter of 10/8 mm. The microducts and duct assemblies including the outer sheath are made of halogen-free, flame-retardant polymer.

            Product Information

            Microducts and sheath: Halogen-free, flame-retardant polyolefin

            Technical Information

            Temperature, Operation [°C] -20 to +60
            Temperature, Storage [°C] -20 to +60
            Temperature, Installation [°C] -20 to +50
            Reaction to Fire IEC60332-1

            Abrasion: IEC 60794-1-2-E2B(1)
            Kink: IEC 60794-1-2-E10, 20 x outer diameter
            Impact: IEC 60794-1-2-E4
            Crush: IEC 60794-1-2-E3
            Tensile: IEC 60794-1-2-E
            Bend: IEC 60794-1-2-E11A
            Torsion: IEC 60794-1-2-E
            Flexibility: IEC 60794-1-2-E8
            Inner Clearance: IEC 60794-5-20, IEC 60794-5-10, Ann. D
            Flammability: IEC60332-1

            Marking Duct assemblies have markings showing the tube length. The individual microducts are numbered.
            Installation Notes Refers to empty ducts or ducts installed with Hexatronic micro cable. For a complete list of all valid combinations of cables and duct, please contact Hexatronic. Note that flammability rating cannot be guarranteed for other vendors cables.