INNO Instrument V12 Pro Fiber Optic Cleaver

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INNO Instrument V12 Precision Desktop Cleaver equipped with an alloy steel blade is a fully automatic cleaver with self-activating
scoring mechanism, blade rotation after each cleave, up to 2,500 cleaves per position, and blade lifespan of over 60,000 cleaves.

V12 features a built-in automatic fiber shard collector and a magnetic universal holder (clamp). It has been designed to cover a wide range of different cables, including 250μm & 900μm fiber cable, flat cable, ribbon fiber, and jumper cable. INNO Instrument V12 cleaver set includes a cleaning brush and a hexagonal wrench for blade replacement. To provide better visibility and ease of use, the lid opens up at a 90-degree angle.

Specification Overview

Explore the superior specifications of our product, designed with cutting-edge technology to deliver unmatched performance. Each feature is crafted to ensure reliability, efficiency, and user satisfaction, enhancing your experience in remarkable ways

Type Single fiber and ribbon fiber
Cleave Length Single Fiber : 5mm ~ 24mm (Coating diameter ≤ 250μm), 10mm ~ 20mm (Coating diameter >250μm) Ribbon (Multi) Fiber : 10mm
Typical Cleave Angle Single Fiber : 0.5 degree
Typical Blade Life Span Total 60,000 fiber cleaves (2,500 cleaves per each point, total 24 points)
Fibre Holder Universal holder, replaceable holder
Size (HWD) (Height) 55 X (Width) 106.5 X (Depth) 103.5
Weight 325g