INNO Instrument View M9+ Fusion Splicer

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M9+ Core Alignment Fusion Splicer w/ V1 Cleaver


Showcasing the best of the M+ Series in a compact form, the M9+ is a fusion of technology and convenience. Boasting IoT and GPS capabilities, this splicer is at the cutting edge of smart connectivity. Designed for core alignment, the M9+ ensures every fiber is impeccably matched for optimal splicing. Though it’s small in size, it stands tall in performance, offering professionals the precision they need in a portable package. For those aiming for top-notch results without the bulk, the M9+ is the ideal companion in the fiber optics field.

Specification Overview

Explore the superior specifications of our product, designed with cutting-edge technology to deliver unmatched performance. Each feature is crafted to ensure reliability, efficiency, and user satisfaction, enhancing your experience in remarkable ways

Fusion Splicer
Splicing Technology Core Alignment
Splicing Time 4s
Heating Time 9s
Typical Loss SM: 0.02dB / MM: 0.01dB / DS: 0.03dB / NZDS: 0.03dB / G.657: 0.02dB
Size (HWD) H: 125mm W: 144mm D: 136mm
Weight 1.63kg (with battery)