Marker Ball, CATV 77kHz Black/Orange

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RF Detectable Marker Balls for Underground Use

  • High location precision marker ball
  • For manholes or direct buried installation
  • Available in all common frequency ranges for all buried applications
  • Detection range up to 2m
  • Self orientation RF reflector ensures best detection range and accuracy
  • No harmful fluid inside


The Hexatronic Optobit Marker Ball is used for marking and finding underground cables, ducts, manholes or other hidden infrastructure. The Maker Ball is ideal for marking key points in networks such as tees and valves, and placement in or alongside junction boxes that may be overgrown in time. Reduced ‘utility strikes’ in the future will outweigh the cost of the tiny investment for additional marking many times over. Should work be needed on your network in the future, quick and precise location will add to savings.

It use a passive electronic marker, compatible with common detector systems. It is designed for marking the location of objects buried in the soil down to depths of 1.5–2.0 meters. The marker ball is available in different frequency reflections for most utilities including telecom, power, water, sewage, gas, CATV and general purpose applications such as cabling for traffic light control or district heating lines.


The marker ball is shaped as a sphere and has an internal self orientating RF reflector. This enables the marker ball to be dropped and always aligning the RF reflector for best possible detection accuracy. The RF reflector is double encapsulated to provide long-lasting operation. The marker Ball doesn’t contain any harmful fluid. It can be mounted with a strap in the designed side holder (strap is an optional accessory).

Product Information

All materials are RoHS and REACH compliant

Technical Information

Conformance RoHS
Technical Notes

Detection frequency:

Orange (Telecom) - 101.4 kHz

Red (Electrical Power) - 169.8kHz

Purple (General Purpose) - 66,3kHz

Yellow (Gas) - 83kHz

Green (Sewage) - 121,6kHz

Blue (Water) - 145,7kHz

Black/Orange (CATV) - 77kHz

Blue/Red (Electrical Power alt) - 134kHz

Range: 1.5-2 m

Ordering Information Delivered in packs of 33 pcs.