Underwater Microduct 12/10-20/16 mm UWD 12/10-20/16 mm 1-3 -way

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UWD 12/10-20/16 mm 1-3 -way

  • For underwater installation
  • Water depth down to 50 m
  • Compact design, down to 22.5 mm in diameter
  • Microduct OD/ID: 12/10 mm or 20/16 mm options
  • Steel wire reinforcement - Water blocking Al-foil


        The underwater microduct is a single armored duct for shallow submarine installations. It is designed to be used with micro cables and can easily be connected to land based microducts with microduct connectors or adapters. The microduct is suitable for lakes and river crossings in all types of fiber access networks..


        This underwater microduct is based on a 12/10 or 20/16 mm PE microduct protected by an aluminum foil and a polyethylene sheath. Outside the sheath there is a layer of galvanized steel wires covered with a heavy-duty layer of HDPE polymer. The steel wire reinforcement provides reliable mechanical protection, enabling installation and operation during rough conditions.

        Product Information

        1. Microduct: Polyethylene
        2. Wrapping: Plastic Al-foil
        3. Sheath: Polyethylene, black
        4. Armoring: Galvanized steel wires
        5. Sheath: Polyethylene, black

        Technical Information

        Temperature, Operation [°C] -30 to +60
        Temperature, Storage [°C] -40 to +70
        Temperature, Installation [°C] -15 to +40
        Technical Notes

        Tensile force 12/10 -

        Permanent: 10 kN

        During installation:15 kN

        Tensile force 20/16 -

        Permanent: 20 kN

        During installation: 30 kN

        Ordering Information Max continuous length: 2 km