Duct Install Microduct: Microduct Assembly 10/8 mm with Tracer TPD 10/8 mm 1-7 -way Tr, TIA598

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TPD 10/8 mm 1-7 -way Tr, TIA598

  • For installation in existing ducts
  • 1, 2, 4 or 7 over-sheathed ducts
  • 10/8 mm microducts
  • Low friction inner surface for maximum installation lengths
  • Longitudinal grooves for maximum installation lengths
  • Integrated tracer wire under sheath


                The tight protected duct assemblies consist of a number of microducts with an inner low friction surface that enables installation of micro cables or nano cables. The duct assemblies are bundled with a single HDPE sheath. The design makes the duct assemblies especially suitable for installation into narrow existing ducts (pipes) or pipes occupied with cables or other obstacles. The round structure enables easy splicing and sealing at joints and branch locations.

                The integrated tracer wire saves time and installation cost since an additional wire for tracing is not required.


                The duct assemblies are available in several versions with 1 to 7 microducts.

                10/8 mm microducts are optimized for installation of micro cables and nano cables. The microducts have a low-friction inner surface with longitudinal grooves for best blowing performance.

                Product Information

                Microducts and outer sheath: HDPE

                Tracer Wire

                Single ducts: 24 AWG (0.2 mm²)
                Microduct assemblies: 18 AWG (0.8 mm²)
                Material: Isolated, stranded copper

                Technical Information

                Color Code TIA598
                Temperature, Operation [°C] -40 to +60
                Temperature, Storage [°C] -40 to +60
                Temperature, Installation [°C] -20 to +50

                Abrasion: IEC 60794-1-2-E2B(1)
                Kink: IEC 60794-1-2-E10, 20 x outer diameter
                Impact: IEC 60794-1-2-E4
                Crush: IEC 60794-1-2-E3
                Tensile: IEC 60794-1-2-E
                Bend: IEC 60794-1-2-E11A
                Torsion: IEC 60794-1-2-E
                Flexibility: IEC 60794-1-2-E8
                Inner Clearance: IEC 60794-5-20, IEC 60794-5-10, Ann. D

                Marking Duct assemblies have markings showing the tube length. The individual microducts are numbered and also identified by their color and position in the bundle according to the TIA598 standard.