Reduction Connector 16/10 to 14/10mm

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  • No metal parts
  • Clear transparent body
  • Easy “push-in” installation
  • Rugged design for direct buried and above ground use
  • Locking rings to prevent accidental removal of connector
  • For 3 to 20 mm microducts


The connectors and end caps for microducts provide a quick, easy and secure connection or water sealing of microducts.

The product comes in three different versions:

  • Straight Connectors are used to join sections of microducts.
  • Reduction Connectors are used to join microducts of different dimensions
  • End Stops are used to block open duct ends and prevent water and dirt from entering the microduct

The connectors are tested for best functionality in combination with the Hexatronic air blown fibers, nano cables and micro cables.


Robust Design for Any Environment - The connectors and end stops have been designed to be extremely strong so that they can be used for both direct buried non sealed or sealed applications. To avoid accidental opening of the connectors when installed into the ground, they are fitted with locking clips on each end. To release a microduct, simply remove the locking clips and push the locking ring of the connector. No additional cover is therefore needed. Note that the locking clips are pre-installed.

Clear Body for Easy Cable Identification - The body is extremely clear to facilitate visual inspection of a blown fiber or micro cable that has been installed.

Metal-free, Zero Corrosion - The products are 100% metal free and non conductive which guarantees that corrosion will not affect the performance.

No Slack - Non Stop Installation - Certain attention has been given to minimize any slack between the microduct and the center of the connector. A smooth transition without slack will minimize the risk of fiber or cable getting caught in the connector and causing a sudden stop in the installation.

Product Information


Body: Polycarbonate
Seal: NBR
Washer: Polyacetal
Collet: Polyacetal

Technical Information

IP Rating IP68, 5 m

CEI DIN EN 50411-2-8:

Tightness: EN 61300-2-38:2006, Method A
Pressure Drop: EN 61300-2-38:2006, Method B
Visual Examination: EN 61300-3-1
Tensile Strength, Pipes: EN 61300-2-4 micro
Temperature Change: EN 61300-2-22
Water Tightness: EN 61300-2-23:1997, Method 2
Salt Spray Test: EN 61300-2-26

Certifications RoHS
Technical Notes

Temperature range, operation, refers to static condition, no pressure applied and according to:

  • EN 50411-2-8:2010-06 Table 16, test 12 - Sealing performance
  • EN 50411-2-8:2010-06 Table 16, test 12 - Visual appearance
  • EN 50411-2-8:2010-06 Table 16, test 13 - Change in attenuation

Temperature range, installation, refers to non static conditions and according to:

  • EN 50411-2-8:2010-06 Table 14 Complete – Tightness, optical and appearance performance criteria
  • EN 50411-2-8:2010-06 Table 15 Complete – Mechanical requirements
  • EN 50411-2-8:2010-06 Table 16 Complete – Environmental sealing performance equirements
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