Rycom: Pathfinder Locating System

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Built on a proven design, and with Pathfinder SAF Technology™ at its core, the Pathfinder PLS® offers RYCOM’s most advanced signal acquisition and filtering technology. The Pathfinder PLS® cable & pipe locator offers utility locators FrequencyFlex™ allowing users to adapt the system to their specific needs. Multiple active frequencies allow the user to accurately locate with a minimum of interference while maintaining the ability continue locating past faults and around conduit bends. Passive frequencies identify "live" and charged lines by their naturally occurring electromagnetic fields. The Pathfinder PLS® offers multiple passive frequencies -- 50Hz, 60Hz, Radio Frequency, Cathodic Protection Rectifier & CATV -- allowing line locating without the use of a transmitter.


- Pathfinder PLS receiver,

- Transmitter 10 watt

- Test cords

- Ground rod

- Batteries

- Manual

- Soft carrying case

- Li-Ion batteries

- 1-year warranty (4-year extended warranty with registration).