EasySplicer OTDR

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The EasySplicer OTDR is designed with the basic fiber network installer in mind. It is very easy to use with an Auto function which can be started over and over again. This function generate a signal sweep in the fiber cable measuring loss and detecting connected devices and faults (like bends and cracks). The result is displayed on the 4.3" multicolor touch display. All measured values are stored internally or on Micro SD card. 

The instrument is very easily operated even for the inexperienced user. With a simple press on the touch screen the unit performs a "Auto mode measurement" calculating length of cable, loss (in dB), finds connected devices and faults (if any), along the way (up to 100km). There is also an "Expert mode" in which the user can setup the network parameters more in detail. But apart from being an OTDR the instrument also got integrated:

* OLS Optical Lights Source, transmitting 1310nm or 1550nm.
* OPM Optical Power Meter for measuring loss (dB) in the range of 800nm - 1700nm.
* VFL Visual Fault Locator. Easy visual way of finding faults/loss in a fiber cable.
* RJ45 Cable tracker. Tracker device in coniunction with the instrument will assist in detecting leads, finding errors and check length in standard RJ45 cable (Cat5, Cat6).

Small and compact size. The instrument, adaptercables and launchcable (500m) fits in the handy and sturdy carrying-case. The EasySplicer OTDR can easily be fully operated from the carrying-case (to avoid dirt/moisture to interfere with the testing).

Included parts:
* Carrying-case, hard plastic
* USB charger 5V 2A
* Launch cable, 500m G652 SM
* 4x adapter cables (SC-APC, SC-UPC, LC-APC, LC-UPC)
* RJ45 Cable Tracker