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The EasySplicer PRO is a X/Y "core positioning", dual cameras, 4x motor fusion splicer. Still with the mk2 technology of separate fiberholders (for all kinds of fiber/connectors), designed for daily operation in fiber optic Networks.

It's small and handy, easy to bring along to any kind of work. The whole system can be operated in its carrying-case to prevent dirt and dust from reaching the sensitive parts in the fusion splicer. The design is made very rugged and even if splicing should take place under good conditions (indoors) the EasySplicer PRO is also intended to be used out in the field.

The EasySPlicer Pro is unique in such a way that it is using separate fiberholders for the various cables on the market. The holders make it very easy to prepare and load the fiber into the splicer. A big advantage is the fact that You can mix fibers and get very nice looking (and working) cable-splices. For ex. mix dropcables with "Splice on Connectors" and get seamless connections.

The precision of the unit is extremely high. It makes typical splicing with a loss of 0,02 dB (Single mode). After splicing it pull tests the splice and makes a loss estimation of the splice. Pre-splice information is also provided and displayed on the screen (like; Bad fiber , Dirty fiber and Too much offset ).

EasySplicer PRO is constantly calibrating itself for environment changes (like; moisture, air pressure and temperature). This can also be done manually, for ex. when starting the work of the day.

EasySplicer PRO comes with a ceramic/teflon-oven which also is ready for SOC connectors (Splice on Connectors). The battery-pack inside the unit is small but very powerful. The unit can perform some 200 splice-cycles (with oven) before it needs to be recharged.
Included parts:
- Oven (Built in).
- 3 pairs of fiber holders, 250um 900um and loose tube.
- Cleaver with bin (trash can).
- Stripper.
- Rechargeable battery pack (Built in).
- Powersupply.
- Carrying case.

Optional accessories:
- Car charger.
- Powerbank charger.
- SOC holders.