JDSU FBP-SD101 Digital Inspection Kit VIAVI

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Inspection Kit Digital FBP-P5000i, FiberChekPro Software, FBPT Tips SC, LC, U25M, U12M, carrying case


The #1 cause for troubleshooting in optical networks is contaminated fiber connectors. To address this problem, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has developed a standard for acceptable fiber end-face quality. Yet certifying compliance to this standard can be a time-consuming, complex, and subjective procedure. The P5000i is a digital handheld microscope that automatically inspects and certifies the end faces of fiber connectors according to industry standards and specifications. This digital microscope provides instant pass/fail results at the push of a button, eliminating subjective and time-consuming guesswork. Compatible with multiple platforms, including T-BERD®/MTS-2000/4000/5800/ 6000A, 8000v2, HST-3000, Certifier40G, CellAdvisor JD720C, laptops, PCs, and Android mobile devices, the P5000i provides fast, repeatable analysis that easily integrates into existing test procedures. The world’s leading manufacturers, installers, and service providers already rely on JDSU to certify their fiber connectors. Whether testing on the production line or in the field, the P5000i gives any technician that handles fiber the same capabilities in the palm of their hand.


  • Inspect and certify fiber end face quality at the push of a button, making your technicians instant fiber experts

  • Ensure physical layer performance by guaranteeing fiber connectivity meets industry standards

  • Use an intelligent scope to certify fiber end face quality with your existing Viavi Solutions test platform