Jetting Jet V3 NE: Fiber Blowing Machine for cable 4-40 mm/duct 10-63 mm

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BLOWING MACHINE for cable 4-40 mm / Duct 10-63 mm

Robust and powerful, pneumatic operated fiber blowing machine designed for single cables and for relining of multiple micro ducts. Configuration can be made for cable between 4 and 40 mm and duct dimensions between 10 and 63 mm. The unique Joystick controller and the agile motors securing a optimal control of the installation. With an anodized aluminum construction, the machine is lightweight but still very strong.

  • The pneumatic operation, double motors.
  • Electronic counter for speed and distance.
  • Gentle operation with a long contact surface on the cable.
  • Display for speed, distance and pressure in the duct.
  • Max. speed 120 m/min, max pushing force on cable 1200 N.
  • Adjustable clamping force.
  • Option of sub-ducting kit for installing several micro ducts. Example: 7×7/3.5 mm or
  • 4×14/10 mm in a 50 mm tube simultaneously.
  • Can be equipped with JetLogger
  • Joystick Controller with forward and reverse functions.
  • Duct air quick-release valve.


Technical data

Max pressure: 16 Bar

Pushing force: Up to 1800 N

Cable diameter: 4-40 mm

Duct diameter: 10-63  mm

Weight: 25 kg

Air connection: 1“ Claw connector

WxHxD: 700x400x590 mm


Kit Includes

  • Transport case
  • Extra fixture
  • 1 bottle Micro Duct Lube
  • 1 bottle Duct Lube
  • 1 bottle pneumatic oil
  • Service kit
  • 12 mm cable guides