Anritsu MT9090 GigE Network Master Gigabit Ethernet Tester (Demo Unit)

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The MT9090A modular platform from Anritsu addresses all of these needs. Users can interchange different modules to configure the MT9090A as an optical fault locator, general purpose OTDR, CWDM optical channel analyzer or 10/100/1000MB Ethernet tester. Operation is quite similar between modules so the user is immediately familiar with operation.

This unit is outfitted with the Gigabit Ethernet module, the very compact battery-powered, easy-to-use Anritsu Network Master is a comprehensive solution for Gigabit Ethernet testing and for installation and troubleshooting Ethernet communication lines.

The instrument gives the user facilities for easy bandwidth verification, connectivity testing and service availability verification. The small size and low weight of the instrument makes it very easy to carry around for the field technician working with the Ethernet lines and despite the small size the instrument is equipped with a large display. The user can easily read and interpret information from the tested lines off the large color display with easy-to-understand colors and graphical symbols. And the graphical user interface makes it a simple task to configure and operate the instrument.

  • MT9090A Mainframe
  • MU909060A1 Gigabit Ethernet Tester Module (with one SFP slot and one RJ-45 port)
  • G0242A 1000Mbps ZX SFP, 1550 nm single mode, LC connector (optical)
  • MU909060A1-001 RFC 2544 test (for MU909060A1) - installed at initial delivery of instrument
  • MU909060A1-002 Multistream (for MU909060A1) - installed at initial delivery of instrument
  • MU909060A1-007 ITU-T Y.1564 test (for MU909060A1) - installed at initial delivery of instrument
  • B0600B Hard Case
  • Manufactured 2014, looks like a new. In very good working condition. Used for demo purposes only. New 2020 battery included.