Marker Ball, Telecom 101,4 kHz Orange

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Robust, compact, easy-to-install

Optobit’s Telecommunication Marker Ball is ideal for use in shallow and narrow ducts. It is designed for marking the location of objects buried in the soil to depths of 1.5–2.0 meters. Application: Telephone and/or fiber optics. 

Marker Ball doesn’t contain any fluid and can easily be dropped or mounted with a strap in the designed side holder.

Optobit’s Marker Ball is made from high-density polymer. It has the same lifetime as the plant it is meant to help locate, and is impervious to water Maker Ball is detectable down to a depth of two meters no matter how it lands in the ground. Optobit’s marker balls are made in Sweden. 


Diameter: 100 mm

Max length: 120 mm

Weight: 110 g

Material: All material is RoHS and REACH compliant

Range: 1.5–2.0 meters

Operational temperature: -10°C to +25°C