OptiSnap® Connector SC-APC 250μm, Organizer Pack (25pcs)

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With proven field -installable connector technology, fibre terminations using the OptiSnap® connector system are fast, easy and reliable. Corning high -precision mechanical splice technology enables fibre optic networks to be installed quickly and cost effectively. The Corning go/no -go feedback signal allows the installer to verify that the installation is performed right the first time, every time. Insert the fibre, activate the cam and watch the pass/fail light illuminate, instilling confidence in every connector installed. The factory -polished ceramic ferrule provides superior quality for end -face geometry. The single -mode OptiSnap® Connector is available in an ultra physical contact (UPC) polish or an angled physical contact (APC) polish (SC only), offering you a higher grade of performance for your field terminations. With fast installation time and low insertion loss, the OptiSnap Connector system provides a good alternative to fusion splicing. Installation is as easy as strip, clean, cleave, cam and crimp.


Product Description

Optical Specifications

Connector Insertion Loss, Typical 0.3 dB

Insertion Loss, Maximum 0.75 dB

Reflectance, -0°C to +60°C ≥ -40 dB (FBC-009, for 900 µm)

Reflectance (angled cleave), -0°C to +60°C ≥ -55 dB (FBC-016, for 900 µm)

Polish APC

Features and Benefits

Product Description OptiSnap® Connector, 250 µm direct termination, SC APC, ceramic ferrule, organizer pack, green housing, green boot, only compatible with 250 µm cable

Fiber Category Single-mode (OS2)

No-epoxy/no-polish or other consumables required

Quick and easy installation, less than one minute per connector on average

100 percent factory tested for insertion loss

Typical insertion loss of 0.3 dB for APC connectors

Factory-polished end face

Low insertion loss and high-performance return loss

Reliable, proven mechanical splice technology

Over 70 million connectors deployed in various applications

No need for electrical power for ovens or lights

Reduces complexity

Corning Part Number: OSNP-SCA-250-Z

Packed in 25 kits per box