V11740: PK2 Drill Point Locator, Vesala

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Vesala’s PK2 Drill Point Locator set solves the repeated problem how to drill holes through walls, floors etc. safely and accurately. With PK2 time consuming measuring or using trial & error drilling to find the right drill location can be avoided.


  • For pinpointing drill holes through up to 5 feet/150cm concrete walls and floors

  • For determining required drill depth

  • For detecting metal and electric obstacles

PK2 includes transmitter PKT2 and receiver PKR2. Usually transmitter is placed with adhesive putty to the preferred drill location on one side of the wall. Corresponding location on the other side is located with the receiver. Receiver has clear LED lights and audio indications to accurately pinpoint the right spot through up to 150cm of concrete. After that precise drilling is easy. Besides drilling, PK2 is useful with many other tasks related to transposing locations behind walls and other structures.

PKT2 transmitter technical specifications

  • Operating distance : Numeric distance display max. 2m, direction LED indication max. 150cm

  • Pinpointing error : Less than 3% of the distance

  • Indicators : 11 LEDs and audio signals

  • Batteries : 3 pcs. IEC LR03 alkaline batteries.

  • Operating time : approx 10h

  • Enclosure and weight : ABS, size 172 x 75 x 28mm,

  • Weight approx. 210g with batteries

  • Environmental conditions: Usage -30...+40ºC (dry conditions), storage - 40...+60ºC (dry conditions)

Kit includes:

  • PKT2 transmitter (batteries included)

  • PKR2 receiver (batteries included)

  • User manual

  • Adhesive putty

  • Slide pads (adhesive felt), 4 pcs

  • Carrying case