ROD-3316AK: Accessory Kit for ROD-3316 Coated Fiberglass Rodder, Jonard

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This is the replacement accessory kit for the ROD-3316 Rodder containing flexible leaders with a pulling eye, ball tip, and more. This accessory kit includes the following:

  • (2) Pulling Eyelets for tethering cable for pulling
  • (2) End Ferrules for replacing broken ones
  • (1) Splice Ferrule for repairing the rod if it gets damaged
  • (1) Flexible Leader w/ Pulling Eye for tethering and guiding the cable
  • (1) Flexible Leader w/ Ball Tip for guiding the rod 
  • (1) Carrying Pouch
  • Superglue and Sandpaper also included to further assist with rodder repairs
Product Dimensions

9.25" x 5.125" x 0.75" (23.5 cm x 13.02 cm x 1.91 cm)

Product Weight

0.258 lb (117 g)