Slim Hexatronic Dome Closure – Splice Only

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Slim Hexatronic Dome Closure up to 288f

  • SHDC-AA: 144 (288) Splice Capacity
  • SHDC-AB: 288 (576) Splice Capacity
  • IP68: watertight base and dome with clamp and O-ring system
  • Compact Form
  • Easy access tear-out ports seals
  • Mechanical compression port seals. No heat shrink is required.
  • Strong and lightweight, single-piece raceway construction.
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Rear mid-span storage.
  • Versatile: customizable according to your needs.
  • Various glands to fit all types/sizes of cables and BFT.
  • Safe area for midspan storage.
  • Mandrel for switching the direction of entry fibers.
  • Quick and easy installation of extra splice tray.
  • Various accessories for holding splitters/ connectors assemblies/ pigtails.


The Heatronic Dome Closures are suitable for all jointing and branching applications and can also be utilized as splitter locations and customer connection points.


Introducing the Hexatronic Dome Closure Family - offering reliability, ease of use and a secure solution to cater for all network scenarios, whether it be splicing, the use of splitters or customer connectivity.

The Hexatronic SHDC is an IP68-rated dome closure designed to provide maximum splice capacity in as small a footprint as possible. 24 x 12/24 fibre splice cassettes provide ample splice capacity for all jointing and branching applications. Easy access tear-out ports and mechanical port seals make cable entry simple and secure. The SHDC is a versatile closure with the ability to house splitters and connectivity, with a wide range of port seals available to suit cables and duct up to 21mm.

These IP68-rated closures are designed to provide maximum splice capacity and functionality. The compact form, intelligent fibre-routing, easy access tear-out ports, and mechanical compression seals will minimise valuable time spent on site.

The Hexatronic Dome Closure Family comes in four customizable sizes to suit any specific requirements of your network build. Its quick and straightforward installation, as well as secure maintenance features, offer a versatile modular platform providing a reliable future-proof solution.

The Hexatronic Dome Closures are IP68 rated, ensuring a watertight base and dome with a clamp and integrated O-ring system that makes them perfect for use in harsh environments. They are designed with Hexatronic’s key principles in mind, speed of deployment, ease of use, innovative thinking and high quality.

All closures are versatile and customisable, with various accessories for holding splitters, connector assemblies, and pigtails.

Product Information

  • Ports: 3
  • Cable Diameter: 5-21mm
  • Splice Capacity: 288 (576)

Naming Convention

  • SHDC-AA: 144f (288f)
  • SHDC-AB: 288f (576f)
  • LHDC-AA: 288f (576f)
  • LHDC-AB: 672f (1344f)

The smaller size domes are denoted by ”SHDC,” which stands for ”Slim Hexatronic Dome Closure.” These closures are available in two sizes, SHDC-AA and SHDC-AB, with splice capacities of 144f (288f) and 288f (576f) respectively. These smaller dome closures are ideal for applications where space is limited, but high splice capacity is still required.

The larger dome closures are denoted by ”LHDC,” which stands for ”Large Hexatronic Dome Closure.” These closures are also available in two sizes, LHDC-AA and LHDC-AB, with splice capacities of 288f (576f) and 672f (1344f) respectively. These larger dome closures are perfect for applications where a higher splice capacity is needed, such as in larger network builds or installations.

Technical Information

Product Color Black/Blue
IP Rating IP68