V14010: Nanosonde MPL4-33 (4.6 MM, 33 KHZ), Vesala

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NanoSonde MPL4-33 is Vesala’s new, world’s tiniest active sonde for small underground ducts. It is only 4.6 mm in diameter so it is optimal for calibrating 6 mm (inner diameter) fiber optic ducts and to locate their blockages, dents and other problems. MPL4-33 is flexible in the middle so it can navigate tight duct curves down to 170 mm radius.

MPL4-33 is intended to be used with the Vesala CL43 Compact Locator and other cable tracers and pipe locators working on the 33 kHz tracing frequency.

How to calibrate micro ducts with MPL4-33
Before jetting, a suitable size shock absorber is attached to the sonde. It will protect the sonde if it hits an obstacle. After inserting a battery sonde is jetted into the duct. If sonde gets through the duct, duct is successfully calibrated. If sonde stops in the duct, it is located above ground using a cable tracer receiver. Knowing the exact spot of a blockage considerably saves time and reduces unnecessary digging costs.

MPL4-33 technical features
MPL4-33 turns on and starts sending tracing signal when a battery is inserted and the battery cap is attached. Typical tracing distance using CL43 receiver is 2.3 m. Replaceable lithium battery enables approx. 9 hours total usage time depending on ambient temperature. MPL4-33 diameter is 4.6 mm and length with battery cap 94 mm. Mounting thread for shock absorbers is M3.5 female. A shock absorber with 4.8 mm calibrator suitable for 6 mm ducts is included. 6.4 mm head for 8 mm ducts is also availabe.

This Vesala product is made in Finland. MPL4-33 construction has been granted utility model.