V14020: Microsonde MPL6-33 (6.4 MM, 33 KHZ), Vesala

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MPL6-33 is a separate, very small size microduct transmitter sonde. It is intended to be used with the Vesala CL43 Compact Locator and other cable tracers and pipe locators using the 33kHz tracing frequency. It is especially suitable for tracing blockages of optical cable’s microducts or for tracing other small non-conductive pipes and sewers. MPL6-33’s diameter is only 6.4mm so it fits into the standard 12/8mm tubes.

MPL6-33 construction includes the transmitter unit and battery compartment, which are connected together with a semi-rigid middle part. The shape of the transmitter and the unique construction help the sonde pass tube curves and joints easily.

  • MPL6-33 Transmitter sonde
  • Battery compartment with M5 female mounting thread
  • 3.0V Lithium battery BR425, 2 pcs
  • Plastic storage box SB6
  • Quick guide

Working with MPL6-33
MPL6-33turns on and starts sending tracing signal when a battery is inserted and the battery compartment is turned to the middle part. The sonde is attached to the tip of a push rod by its M5 female thread, located at the end of the battery compartment. Alternatively the sonde can be taped to the side of the push rod to reduce risk of damage. Sonde can also be attached to the tip of an optical cable, after which the sonde is jetted into a microduct together with the cable.

If there is a blockage in the microduct, its location can be roughly estimated using the jetted cable or rod length and cable & duct maps. After that the exact location of MPL6-33 is traced in the area above ground with a cable tracer receiver. Knowing the exact spot of a blockage considerably saves time and reduces unnecessary digging costs.

Other usage and batteries

Both the transmitter unit and the battery compartment are watertight enabling underwater use. There is a blinking light at the tip of the transmitter indicating transmitter operation. Lithium battery gives approx. 9 hours total usage time depending on ambient temperature.

MPL6-33 diameter is 6.4mm and length with mounted battery compartment 84mm.

Transmitter signal
32.768 kHz continuous sinusoidal signal.

This Vesala product is made in Finland.