The Hexatronic Dome Closures offer reliability, ease of use, and a secure solution for diverse network scenarios, including splicing, splitter usage, and customer connectivity. These IP68-rated closures maximize splice capacity and functionality with features like compact design, intelligent fiber-routing, easy-access tear-out ports, and mechanical compression seals, minimizing on-site time.

Available in four customizable sizes, the Hexatronic Dome Closure Family ensures quick and straightforward installation, along with secure maintenance features, providing a versatile modular platform for a reliable and future-proof network solution. These closures are designed with an IP68 rating, guaranteeing a watertight base and dome, making them ideal for harsh environments. They incorporate Hexatronic's core principles of speed, ease of use, innovation, and high quality, featuring innovative tear-out port seals, single-piece raceway construction, and tool less sealing modules for various cable types and sizes. These versatile, customizable closures are suitable for a wide range of applications, including jointing, branching, splitter locations, and customer connection points.

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